Quotes added on Friday, June 15 2007

so we fall for stupid boiis
we make lots of dumb mistakes
we like to act stupid, talk
r eally fast. and laugh realy loud
but us teenage girls we're
really good at one thing.
S t a y i n S t r o n g!
shes my best friend so
brake her heart and i'll
brake yo f a c e <3
explain to me why everysingle time i see u i tear up. explain to me why i didnt luv u then but i do now? explain to me why everybody else is always just sooo happy and i cant even laugh or crack a smile? explain to me why i cry into my pillow everynight? and explain to me why u dont even care? explain to me wat exactly she has that i dont? explain to me why i broke up with u in the 1st place? explain to me why i cant seem to hav any1 to smile at anymore? explain to me why i am invisible. explain to me why u dont like me but u like hur. if u can answer these questions then answer them but keep it to urself. i need to figure it out on my own.
sometimes wen i smile i no that u are watching and i no that wen u smile and i stare i no u no i am watching. i no that u no that i no that u no that we both no how fake those smiles are and we no that we no wat we no. but does any body else?
i guess that will be our last little secret.wont it?
no 1 here is impressed. they all will stare at u and wounder wat u think u r doing.they all wounder wat in the world u r doing. they all just want u to go. to leave.
no they arent impressed they are jealous.
sometimes all that u can do is cry. that is all u can do.
u might miss him a little. but really arent u glad u beat him to it?
um no offense but is it really ur business where i am rite now?
all u need to no is that i aint here so umm mind ur own business ok?
no1 is really ever going to no wat ur thinking. soooo why not play with them. they cant tell.
do u remeber that time wen u said that we would be in love 4ever?
wat happened?
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