Quotes added on Saturday, June 16 2007

Look, i am the president of the math club, the electronics club and the chess club. if you can find a bigger nerd in here, please, point them out

the day after tomorrow
Life is like a mountain you climb to the top and your reward is going all down hill from there
&& i cant help but thinking..... did he ever really love me.. or was everything a lie??

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m          e                           
e e       m g                          
g  g     g  m                          
m   m   e   e               <3 <3 <3   
e    e m    g   <3 <3 <3    <3         
g     g     m   eg          <3         
m           e   <3 <3 <3    <3    <3 <3
e           g   <3          <3       <3
g          <3   <3 <3 <3    <3 <3 <3 <3

   ***                  **     **  
   ***                   **   **   
   ***                    ** **    
   ***                     **      
   ***                     **      
   ***                     **      
   ********                **      
   ******** ove            **   ou!
The boy is HOT!
Heart prepare for breaking...
time for battle

i like cheese, i hate meat, and i hate you
i talk to you for hours at end,
and your truley, my one best friend.
my big brother, my soulmate, my other half,
and your always trying to make me laugh.
but all you do, is make me fight,
fight for something, that will never be right.
something that will never be,
something called, you and me.
ive always seen something in you,
something that makes me, not know what to do.
but have you ever seen something in me?
something that you wish to be?

no, you left me crying on the floor,
as you slowly walked out the front door.
its like you left me there to die,
to give you my heart, and wish it goodbye.
look closer at me, and you will find
a broken heart, that was so loving and kind.
now that its gone, in its place,
is a heart that wishes, to be in a better place.
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