Quotes added on Monday, June 18 2007

You're as pointless
as a man without fingers.
If I'm not the one you want ; baby ;
I'll be the one you need. <3

editsss - soslova99
well ya know what? ? ?
its rocket science to me_=)
It's Just the pain you l3t m3 go wh3n you brok3 up with m3.......

It all start3d out with a kiss how did it 3nd up lik3 this ? ? ?
live © laugh © love ©
&&whenyou forget her

—-»don't you dare remember me«—-
Why is it so hard to l3t go of som3one you n3v3r had a chanc3 with ? ?
the boy cri3d out to God......
"Why did I los3 her??
And God r3pli3d
" You didn't.....
You l3t h3r
Wh3th3r you lik3 it or not I will b3 h3r3 for you......
you can hold my hand if you want to b/c I want to hold yours.....
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