Quotes added on Monday, June 18 2007

ur his friend
to u it doesnt mean much
to him it means the world
u mite not relize it but im telling u now
dont underestimate him
youll just crush him
i kno the truth and ive tried to tell u
he really does like u!
the following signs are just different form the others:
unless you can do it in 9
seconds because the bull can
do it in 10

2. (on a peanut jar)WARNING contains

3.(have you ever seen WARNING lables
that have grammer mistakes) WARNING
chiel should NoT BE left in boat while
still teething they could put a hole
in it.
 `·.·´ :¨·.·¨:
        `·.·´ :¨·.·¨:
               `·.·´My heart has fallen for you

Lettering:Black and maybe bold?
I love you

Cute editss
Let me get some lip gloss that is poppin so we can pop lock & drop it , im a flirt when i walk up in the club im a flirt, so let me buy u a drank cuz i gots money in da bank, so we cud party like a rock star and i cud tell u thnks fr the mmrs, now its rainin more than eva u can stand under my umbrella.<333

100% mine
I look into your eyes & I'm wondering, is this what love's suppose to feel like? Heart skipping a beat, knees trembling, mind racing, hands wanting to feel your perfect skin, lips needing your kisses, & soul desiring the warmth of your love upon mine? Is that was love is like? I see you & I know that sometimes there was a reason for everything that has happened to me. Every single experience was leading up to you. I've learned not to trust many people & not to let people into my life, but for you I've made an exception. You were the one person who I gave up everything for. I let my guard down & let your love engulf me & the feeling is incredible. I have never been so in love in my life. You are my soulmate, prince, lover & all of the above. I look into your eyes & I see our souls entwined in an eternal love.
Hate is a strong word,
but i really, really, really don't like you.
Now that it's over
I don't even know what I liked about you.
Hate- Plain White T's
I'm not a stalker... I just always want to be close to you.
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