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My pet cow has a First name its (a person you hate put it like this H-K-J-K-).

My pet cow has a second name its (the last name of person you hate same way as first).

I love to smack my cow everday

And if you ask Him/her way she'll say

cause i like to like (person he/she likes) everyday
When you break a bone, it hurts for a while and then it heals and you get over it, but, when you break a heart they will never
*F O R G E T*
dont hate me cuz you aint me
eat my shorts
-breakfast club-
The truth hurts! But hearing a lie
that burns..
i thought i fell for him,
turns out i just tripped over
my own shoes!
©he is the 1 that i blame for getting into trouble for writing his name in my note book so many times and not doing my work, he is the 1 that i blame for having such a beautiful face, he is the 1 that i blame for making me want 2 c him every chance i get, he is the 1 i blame for wishing i could have dreams about just so i could c his face 1 more time, he is the 1 i blame for my friends making fun of me cuzz i would rather talk 2 him then hang out with them, he is the 1 i blame for making me fall head over heels for him, he is the 1 i blame for making me love him soo much, i just blame him!©
*When i first saw you*
I was afraid to meet you
[ [When i first met you] ]
I was afraid to kiss you
-->When i first kissed you<--
I was afraid to love you
[*]But now that i love you[*]
I'm afriad to lose you
i love you name date
...always and forever...
How can i - d e s c r i b e - it
your a * d r e a m * come true..
everything i |[ e v e r ]| needed
i found it -? a l l in you<3

i was doing so good
mostly over you, keeping my mind off of you
but then you had to look at me, hug me,
notice me and r u i n i t a l
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