Quotes added on Saturday, June 23 2007

sister -
1 )the female sibling that has the same father and mother as you. 2 ) the unrelated best friend who is always there no matter what and will stick by your side forever.
i'm not gunna write you a love song;;
cuz u asked for it::
//*cuz u need one*\\

love song
by: Sara Bareilles
Girls can do what ever boys can do,
girls can do it while wearing
it doesnt matter if u sit in the shade
SuMmEr 2007
is gonna be HOT!!!!!
"you have to keep a world view.
you cant just live liek your the only person living"
-hope was here
"can you rember siting by my side? on the bank of the delaware river, talking about whyy."
im sure you got some place that you'd probably rather be. <3
'my heart will go on'

= titanic theme song.
dark blue dark blue have you ever been alone in a crowded room when im here with you. i say the world can be burning and burning down.
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