Quotes added on Monday, June 25 2007


 put it in webdings 36 font and center it (its a love triangle)
Before you go to sleep at night
Who is the one you're thinking about?
Because if its me
Baby your the one i
Dream about.
well this tells my hole storyfrom wen im in love to just a simple crush

God must hate me
He cursed me for eternity
God must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down and you can't save me
I'm stuck in hell
And I wanna go home
Simple Plan-God must hate me
summer--> when the warm air is your blanket
when the beach is your new home
when your friends become family
and memeries are the ones you'll never forget
mall for my favorite sport!!
"Razzberries could teach a lesson about abstinence!"
Our song was faraway... & now it just seems like he's been gone for too long. / :
trying to convince a certain boy that i didn't do a certain thing with a certain other boy during a certain time :/
i once loved him & another boy got in the way.
now i am feeling the pain , i miss him alot.
he's not coming back this time & i regret this
everyday of of my life for letting him go.
this was my mistake now i have to fix it </3
santa wanted me to tell you something, your a ho ho ho
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