Quotes added on Thursday, June 28 2007

how can i tell that you still love me the same?
how can i tell that your not lying?
how can you talk about my best guy friend that way?
yeah he wants to date me!TRUST me i would never break up with you for him.you had to go last night because when i was trying to talk to you about stuff and about us,you said you had to go.
you said you would call me back today well i will wait for that phone call!i am sorry for making you mad but if you dnt have time for me just tell me because after what you told me last night it sounds like you dont have enought time for me!listen to your friends when they tell you i talk to my best guy friend everyday!well he is the one i can talk to about stuff!so deal with it!
Missing someone is a part of loving them ;
if you're never apart, then you'll never know
how strong your love really is..
do you know what it feels like loving someone thats in a rush to throw you away?
so she has more then me? hah wow how surprising... but to bad you cant realize i'm better then her in every way... and oh just so you know...
i'm n e v e r coming back

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ii Love Smiling For the Camera
ii Love Singing iin The Shower
&&] ii Love Dancing When Everybodys Looking<3
She Hates
People Huu are haters..//x
This Gurl Wants To Thank
Everyone [hu] cares 4 her..//χ
Say Wat Yuu Want
Yuu Relii Think That
ii Care..??
Yuu B***h
ii B***h Back
Works Both Ways
I ΣaŦ ŦσΘ MυcĦ. [√]
I laΛF ŦσΘ MυcĦ. [√]
I ŦaКΣ тĦiИgss Ш.a.Λ.a.ч ŦσΘ FaЯ. [√]
I ΣaŦ ŦσΘ MυcĦ. [√]
I laΛF ŦσΘ MυcĦ. [√]
I ŦaКΣ тĦiИgss Ш.a.Λ.a.ч ŦσΘ FaЯ. [√]
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