Quotes added on Friday, June 29 2007

You said i changed the way you felt about me.
I said how did i do that.
You said you refused to see that i did love you.
I said no i didn't refused.
You said well you sure didn't see it otherwise we wouldnt be in this mess!
I said i saw it in the begining then it slowy started going away thats what i saw!
Me~i gave you my whole heart
Him~i did to u just didnt take it and take care of it
Me~your the one who never called me when you said you would you the one who has time forever one BUT me. if you didnt like me all you had to say was i dont have time for or whatever the reason was
Him~i dont think we should date anymore u just dont understand why im mad and bc u dont understand i cant talk to u
Me~well your the one who never calls me and now all because of you i am crying
I could write a story on how much i love you but noone will ever know how much i really love you.
LLLLL       O       O V        V  EEEEEEEEEEE
LLLLL       O       O  V      V   E         E
LLLLL       O       O   V     V   E         E

YY      YY
YY      YY
YY      YY
    YY      OOOOOOOOOO   UU     UU    !!!!!
    YY      O        O   UU     UU    !!!!!
    YY      O        O   UU     UU    !!!!!
                                      !   !
A friend is easy to find but thats because friends tell your secrets to everyone but when you find a best friend, they wouldn't tell your secret if their life depended on it.
ALT-0128  ALT-0129 ? ALT-0130 
ALT-0131  ALT-0132  ALT-0133 
ALT-0134   ALT-0135  ALT-0136 
ALT-0137  ALT-0138  ALT-0139 
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ALT-0149  ALT-0150  ALT-0151 
ALT-0152  ALT-0153  ALT-0154 
ALT-0155  ALT-0156  ALT-0157 ?
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ALT-0170  ALT-0171  ALT-0172 
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ALT-0182  ALT-0183  ALT-0184 
ALT-0185  ALT-0186  ALT-0187 
ALT-0188  ALT-0189  ALT-0190 
ALT-0191  ALT-0192  ALT-0193 
ALT-0194  ALT-0195  ALT-0196 
ALT-0197  ALT-0198  ALT-0199 
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ALT-0206  ALT-0207  ALT-0208 
ALT-0209  ALT-0210  ALT-0211 
ALT-0212  ALT-0213  ALT-0214 
ALT-0215  ALT-0216  ALT-0217 
ALT-0218  ALT-0219  ALT-0220 
ALT-0221  ALT-0222  ALT-0223 
ALT-0224  ALT-0225  ALT-0226 
ALT-0227  ALT-0228  ALT-0229 
ALT-0230  ALT-0231 e ALT-0232 
ALT-0233  ALT-0234  ALT-0235 
ALT-0236  ALT-0237  ALT-0238 
ALT-0239  ALT-0240  ALT-0241 
ALT-0242  ALT-0243  ALT-0244 
ALT-0245  ALT-0246  ALT-0247 
ALT-0248  ALT-0249  ALT-0250 
ALT-0251  ALT-0252  ALT-0253 
ALT-0254  ALT-0255 

"So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me...everyday."
- The Notebook
Many people will walk in
and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave
footprints in your heart.<3
how do you leave the past behind,
when it keeps finding ways to get into your heart? <3
& After awhile ;;
you realize that you can't make
everyone happy && you have
to decide what you truly want
& make it happen
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