Quotes added on Monday, July 2 2007

Live for the game.
To be the best,you must work the hardest.
you dont know what it takes.

to be

a champion
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To be come the best,

you must work the hardest,and never tell yourself you cant.
Sweat Heart,

your apporval was not needed
[[but i like it]]

:+:If YoU wAnNa sEe ThE:+:
:+:YoU gOtTa LiVe tHrOuGh ThE RaIn:+:
:+:If YoU.:+:
:+:WaNnA sEe TrUe LoVe:+:
:+:YoU gOtTa:+:
:+:TaKe ThE PaIn:+:
We're not perfect
We laugh too hard
We're way too loud
And we make complete fools of ourselves
But doing it together makes us
Best friends forever
No school* Too cool
Fresh flowers* Beach for hours
Sandy shores* Vacation tours
Best friends* until the end
Salty air* Blonde hair
Finally summer* School's a bummer
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