Quotes added on Wednesday, July 4 2007

A Wize man once said....Wen life hands u lemons make lemonade...then go find someone whos life is giving them vodka and HAVE A PARTY!!!!!!!
you said you loved me more then anything then you found my friend and did the same thing to her.
you moved here this year and we knew we were ment to be! between the laughs and the fights you will always be my favorite boy!
sitting on the beach, laying by the pool, getting tan lines. Its all part of summer time!
Summer 07!
Best friends are my favorite people in life. You can tell them your secrets and they promise to keep it! You share memories and no matter what happens they will always stick with you! I know who my best friends are..(best friends names)
Its time to be a big girl now and big girls dont cry <3
-Fergie Big girls dont cry-
she gave in©
&& she finally gave up. she dropped
the fake [ smile ] as a tear ran down
her cheek she whispered to herself
`-» i can't do this [ a n y m o r e ]
1. the feeling you get the first time you met him.
2.the perfect mix of [intoxicated happiness]`and belief in destiny to allow fate to take its course.
3. the intense,
growing emotion you get as you get to know someone who you know will be hard to forget `___________x
when a girl's heart gets torn a/p/a/r/t..
but she--> moves--> on and hits on A !L! L
the hott guys..if i hit on u, ur hott boy!
laugh your heart out and dance in the rain ;;
cherish the memories.. --»» ignore the pain
love and learn, forget and forgive, cause
remember you only have [[ one life to live ]]
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