Quotes added on Thursday, July 5 2007

Strawberries are the best, better than the rest, you may laugh, but friends i do not jest!
You see my strawberry saved me one cold and sad day, she swept in and made it all go away, so next time before you dunk one in sauce, think of the cost, because my strawberry saved me, and if you don't belive, don't argue and don't fuss, just wait and one might just save your butt!
m away eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. if your smart, you'll figure out which one it is
Only fools leave away messages
Don't you hate it when people leave away messages that don't tell where they are or when they'll be back?
WARNING: Cannot locate away message, please restart your computer and try back in 365 days
Only stalkers look at other people's away messages
I'm away right now because I acually have a life.
I'm away, don't bother me
there we were, just the two of us. we laughed, made some crazy faces at eachother, flirted, and just had fun. for a while. then you pulled out your phone and showed me a pic you took of your new girlfriend. for me, thats when the fun stopped. </3
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