Quotes added on Friday, July 6 2007

im so ganstahh,
i carry a squirt gun!! hehe.
&& their MY dorkss![name.name.name.]
love is nothing but a fairytale
and a fairytale is nothing more than a myth
and a myth is nothing more then a lie
and we all know lies are a bunch of crap
so answer this...
is falling in love with him really worth
r i s k i n g it all?
[{thought not}]

****i/m me for cute editssss<3
your with me in my heart. your with me in my head. your with me in my veins. your with me, every time i hear your name.
We could own the sky,
and the stars that shine so bright.
We could own the world.
If it were just you and I.
here's to your bestfriends. the only ones who you can depend on for the best lunchtime conversations, the only ones who will ask you how to make-out with their boyfriend, because they don't know which way to move their tongues.=]
so theres this boy
and the way he laughs..makes me smile
they way he talks..gives me butterflies
&&just everything about him makes me happy
There are friends, good friends
best friends, and the losers you know
you're gonna be with the rest of your life
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