Quotes added on Saturday, July 7 2007

where should one use perfume, a young woman asked. wherever one wanted to be kissed, i said.
-Coco Chanel
Yhoor The One That Broke My Heart,,


Yhoo Still Make It Skip A Beat
- - - » everyone l|[ w a n t s ]|l happiness « - - -.
` - - x nobody wants pain...but you can`t make a
rainbow without a little |[ r a i n ]|
so maybe tomorrow
i'll find my way home
even the sun goes down
[but it still shines the strongest<3]
random fact: the plastic part on the end of a shoe lace is called an aglet!
vacation time is here at last
summer love will go so fast <3
she cries herself to sleep everynight
&&you need to ask if shes okay? *x|3
&&my friends..
dreams do come true <3
[ initals here ]
- put this in your profile if you know someone
who is fighting, has survived, or has died of cancer.
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