Quotes added on Sunday, July 8 2007

Friends will prove to people
you're not a psycho path,
but best friends
will share the retardation
All of the wasted time,
The hours that were left behind,
The answers that we'll never find,
They don't mean a thing tonight.

<3 "The Great Escape" -Boys Like Girls
to the world you may be just one person;
but to one person, you may be the world.

<3 -[read on whateverlife.com]
keep a smile on your face &
let your personality be your
a u t o g r a p h.

& when there's traffic,
just keep on jamming :]
it's ok to love and to risk it all. cause you have to know how to love and fail if you want to love and succeed.
i've always been there just like the ocean,
but i am constantly renewed with the passing of each wave.
[[broken hearts]]
-->it's the whole package when you sign up for life<--
<33when i say i love you, i mean it.
<33when i say i want to be with you forever, i mean it
<33when i look at you with the wondering eyes hoping you'll see me, i get butterflys in my stomach
<33can you do that, or do we have to leave that up to me??
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