Quotes added on Thursday, July 12 2007

I swear I'm not obsessed!
Every time you walk by,
I can't help but look.
Every time I see you,
I can't help but stare.
I get frustrated if you talk to one girl.
Because I have you & you have me.
Sono assente spiacente. Essrņ di ritorno dopo. Il Leace un messaggio al segnale. SEGNALE! L'AMO!!! CIAO
You left me in the dark,
With nothing to say
I don't get why I'm like this,
Why I'm here,
Or what I did wrong.
You moved on,
but I stayed.
Right where I said I would,
I kept my promise,
Even though you couldn't,
I still love you,
I hope one day that will get to you,
& you will realize you love me too.
Ever since then,
I go to school,
With a smile on my face,
Only to fool.
I hate this place,
& these people.
I go to school with a smile on my face,
I pretend everything is ok,
Like "nothing" happened.
Deep down,
I'm dying,
A love that once was,
Is now lose,
I'm crying
Tears are always falling,
As the blood spills,
The dark always gets to me.
I can't live with this going on.
Things need to change,
I need to stay strong.
She once had it all,
Was the best,
So everyone thought,
Everyone loved her,
Everyone wanted to be her.
But see,
This is all an act,
At home,
She locks herself in her room,
Turns on the music,
Blares it,
She screams along with it.
Looking in the mirror,
Wishing she could change,
She reaches for the blade,
As the blood pours out,
She shouts,
It's taking away her pain,
She looks down,
See's what she's done,
See's what she's found.
Wishing everything would turn back around.
I miss you,
That's very true.
I love you,
Is also something I wanted you to know.
I hope we don't end,
That would be the day I die.
I pray we stop fighting,
It makes me cry.
Me knowing that you love me,
Just the same,
Is the best feeling.

My love for you,
Couldn't be described.
There isn't any words,
That could say how much,
I love you.
I'm trying to write it out,
But nothing can compare to you.
You are the best,
You are perfect.
I love you so much.
Not even a million words,
Can describe it.
I love you so.
i cant seem to come to terms to say
goodbye to you. & if we werent supposed to
fall inlove, then it was the most
beautiful mistake i ever made.
if i hadn't met you, i wouldnt be the
Person I Am Today.
&&for some reason,
i have this feeling,
that i'd be way better
off with out you
&&it makes me sick.
People always do crazy things.
When they're in love.
- Hercules
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