Quotes added on Sunday, July 15 2007

People think if theres this hot guy then your in love
but A hot guy equals a good athlete but Dumb in school

A cute guy equals
Smart Likes Sports and cute
If this cute guy knows about every sport rule ever created
then its probably because hes the equitment manager
I'll be right back
The potty is calling
The pee is spilling
The poop is seeking
I took so long writting this And now im leaking
I don't make
I just make
I realized sumtin, I'd rather be in Love wit u [[Cuz I Noe U Love Me 2]] Then be in Love wit dat Hot Boii [[Dat Onlii Wants me 4 my Body]]. I consider dis a blessin 2 have yew by my side, I'd risk it all 4 yew [[Cuz Boy I Noe Yew Wud Do it 4 Me 2]]. Thatz xactly y
i love when its raining
because nobody knows i am crying
i love loud music
because nobody can hear me cry and scream
i love you
because you never make me cry or scream
Hoppy days sweepin the clouds awayyyy!!!...
o god f***ing damnit i spelt happy rong....this is the worst day of my life!!!
Life aint Burger KIng....
you cant always have it yur way

not mine but totally cute lol
i guess its okay to go away
but just remember
my phone works both ways
i love him ;; he loves her
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