Quotes added on Tuesday, July 17 2007

GEt That CORN out My

-Nacho Libre
When they ask me wat I LOVED
Most about LIFE, I smiled:) &
Say YOU!!!
& thanks for GIving ME
mY SmiLE:) Back!!!
YOU thinks its Hard Falling
IN LOVE?? TRY FAlling OUt!!!
I Know I'm Ugly But J.u.s.t Once I Want To Be Loved <3
Because Then I Feel [[Beautiful]]
Guess What..?

Cool! <3
I'm Just Peanuts About You!

Friends Are Close


Best Friends Are Undescribable <-- In A Good Way!
& H3S TH3 0N3 i ALWAYS DR3AM 0F..

TH3 0N3 i WANT T0 M33T..

TH3 0N3 i L0V3..

BUT C0M3 0N..
i'LL N3V3R G0 0UT WiTH HiM B3CAUS3 MY DR3AMS AR3 TH3 0NLY 0N3S THAT never C0M3 TRU3 </3
the worst thing tht could ever happen in a tennagers life....she likes a boy who likes her bffl and his bffl likes her but she dont like her crushes bffl......its very confuzing
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