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At school, I've learned how to sleep with my eyes open.
Life is a journey, and during this journey you will face many obstacles and have many fears. But don't let the rain keep you from coming out to play; don't let the fear of the cold keep your from walking your path and getting to your destination. And when youre done, and have completed this journey, you wouldn't want to look back and only remember fear, hardship and time-wasting. That is why the journey of live should be lived, and not wasted.

--TOTALLY mine. wrote it in 5th grade,,
did a little changing when writing it
down. u can use it but pleeease don't
take crdt.
hold your friend's hand
walk barefoot in the sand
and don't think about what's in it

dance in the sun
just so you'd have fun
and remember every minute <3

..its mine but its inspired buy another
poem. i'll take about 95% of the crdt! =]
Friendship is when someone would fight battels for you; when one helps the other out of the sun and into the shade; its how two people grow up together and usually know what the other is thinking... Friendship is permanent, and permanently in our hearts ae

..yeahhh i wrote it :) use it//make it cute!
live your life to its fullest

laugh at all the things that don't matter

love with all that you have and more!

NoT mInE but still cute. [[suggestion: make all the first words bigger then the others/////add hearts!!!]]
what do you do when the walls of your world are closing in on you?
you find a way to escape them before they close in all the way...
υηiqυє i αм.☆]]
: ѕσмє pєσplє ѕαy ναiη
: ναiη iѕ ησt αη ιllηєѕѕ
: ѕσ i ѕυppσѕє i'll liνє =D
Smiles Are Kontagious <3

Once You Smile,,
It Will Spread
You're My Addiction
Love Is Love,,
You Just Cant Explain It =]
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