Quotes added on Friday, July 20 2007

When someone said count your blessings now
For they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know how
I was all wrong

make it cute
Playing hide and go seek with blind kids...
all these times i thought of giving up on you.
it never worked.
all i ever wanted was to be in your arms,
not to be broken in a million little pieces.
why did you have to do this to me?
i don't know if i can ever be whole again.
I said pinch me where's the catch this time
Can't find a single cloud in the sky
Help me before I get used to this guy
i wanna love somebody
love somebody like you.

* *
* *
* * *
i saw you starring at me looking like you like what you see, glancisg at me made me confadent so i walked over to you and said "is that me our looking at?" no he said i was looking at your friend.
Do you sell Baskets At MarketBasket ????
Every time I think of you, I always catch my breath
And I'm still standing here, and you're miles away
And I'm wonderin' why you left
And there's a storm that's raging through my frozen heart

I hear your name in certain circles, and it always makes me
I spend my time thinkin' about you, and it's almost driving
Me wild
And there's a heart that's breaking down this long distance
Line tonight

I ain't missing you at all since you've been gone away
I ain't missing you, no matter what I might say

There's a message in the wire, and I'm sending you this
Signal tonight
You don't know how desperate I've become
And it looks like I'm losing this fight
In your world I have no meaning, though I'm trying hard to
You guys have always been there for me through thick and thin. I love you guys so much and I haven't a clue what I would do without you!
Pretty Boy. Get a Life.

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