Quotes added on Tuesday, July 24 2007

she was an ordinary girl,
falling for that boy
who didn't fall for her back
go and put your records on,
tell mesapphire & faded jeans
i hope you get your dreams (=
[[the more you stay the same,
the more they seem to change]]
okay so everyone has that one younge love I have that one young love has anyone ever married there younge love other than love movies, storys, music? well it happend to me... it is called a dream an dthat dream helped relize that hes the one that one true love and that one dream is going to come true and ull see that he loves me_:::<3<3<3
you have 3 choices in life,
give up, give in, or give it your all.
I still remember the first day we met,
the first time we hugged,
the first time we kissed,
the first time you told me you loved me,
the first time I knew,
I wasn't going to ever live without you.
One day, you will miss me like hell.
& you'll wish you never messed it up.
& one day you'll come running back
to what could've been yours... should've
been yours. & you'll see that this time
around i'm the one not giving a
damn & ignoring you.
you were unmistakably my first love, & i will
never forget that. Even though we have both
grown apart, both changed, a piece of you will
always be a part of me because you have
unknowningly showed me what i deserve. &&&
every guy i`m with for the rest of my life, will be compared to you.
It started when he was just a guy that got on my nerves. Then it was a guy who seemed to always be there. He was the one I talked about to my friends
I soon found out he liked me too. We ended up falling in love.
The thing about you is you're fun,
you make me laugh, & you make me feel more alive.
Okay, you make me a little crazy sometimes,
but there are these moments in my mind,
crystal-clear images of you and me & how we fit together,
and it all makes such perfect sense,
& I know what I want;
I want more time with you.
I really hope
one day i can walk past you and my heart wont ache.
one day i can look in your eyes and not want to cry
and one day i can laugh and joke with you and not remember the love we had
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