Quotes added on Tuesday, July 24 2007

So I'll keep smiling while my heart is breaking to never let you know what you did to me...
I know its improbable and probably impossible to dream of us ever being together, but i miss the days when we all believed in wishes upon a star coming true. 'Cause trust me boys I'm wishing for you...
Now I know fairytales don't always come true... I figured it out the day I lost you </3
I guess I'm still waiting for that fairytale... The foot-popping kiss and the prince charming who won't run off as soon as it happens...
you never stop loving your first love
I'll keep on rolling down this road,
but I've got a bad, bad feeling..
It's gonna take a long time to trust,
it's gonna take a lot to hold on
It's gonna be a long way to happy...</3
pain is temporary, pride is forever
...you asked me to dance
and of course i said yes
so you took me by the hand
and wrapped your arms around my dress...
if you love someone
and they break your heart
don't give up on love
have faith, restart
just hold on
[hold on]
hold on
[hold on]

-hold on
the jonas brothers<333
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