Quotes added on Wednesday, July 25 2007

youre not drunk until you grab
onto the grass to keep from
(¯`·._.·[F A L L I N G
off the earth ♥
i have noticed that most girls
i know can never have the guys
they really want. i know how
they fell cause i'm one of them.
i always fall for they guys i cant get
but i can bet
they want me to be there friend
and in the end
thats what i will be
and only he
could restore my heart
after he carts
the little pieces whiched
used to be my heart which he switched
with a best friend love
with a slip of a glove
now he toke a piece of me with him
now i will just whim
cry at night
since my shinning knight
is gone forever
and i will never
get him back <3
i hate the way you walk by me
without saying a word
i hate the way we fell apart
the way we broke.
all i want is you back.
Don't give up on your lost causes, you never know when your luck will change.
I don't believe in perfect love. But I do believe that there are people who's lives are inextricably intertwined.
-dawsons creek
I'm sitting next to my best friend in the world and my palms are sweating. -dawsons creek
Yeah, but it only counts as one and that first kiss. It's the passionate one. It's the one filled by desire and attraction, and all of that, but the second kiss is rational. You got time to worry, and over analyze and most women... they prefer that first kiss, but I'm partial to the second one because it's about something more. -dawsons creek
How can you be friends with someone when every time you see them you think about how much more you really want? -dawsons creek
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