Quotes added on Monday, July 30 2007

I've called your phone a million times today only because I miss you...
when its either love or hate,
you should just guess which one's fate
[you] wanna make a memory
&& nothing is right,
everythings wrong.
her friends don't care
she's all alone.
inside she's falling
apart, just wants to
run but there's
nowhere to turn.
so she wipes away
the tears, puts on
that fake smile and
tells everyone
she's fine.

100% mine.

so hard to put in a category, there isnt one for
&& we used to be
the kind of friends that would hug randomly
whenever we saw each other, the kind that
would say things that only we understood,
we could tell everyone that we'rebest friends
forever and not haveto think twice.butnow,
the person i thought i knew best, the one that was
so close to me, i never really knew at all.

here's to the nights we'd kill to get back;
the moments that haunt our dreams.
here's to the people FOREVER loved and
who make our hearts want to scream.

never get mad at you when you
meet a new guy, they simply ask

&&Dreams are always
crushing when they don't come true.
But its the simple dreams that are often the most painful because they seem so personal, so reasonable, so attainable. You're always close enough to touch, but never quite close enough to hold, & it's enough to ----- [ break your heart.] e>e>e>e>e>e>e>

i || w a n t || t o || ho l d || y o u r s|| t o o a<-heart


from Fergies song "big girls dont cry"
&& you could never tell that the reason
she looks so tired in the mornings is
because she stayed up till 11:11 so
that she could wish for you to
love her


cuteee editss<3
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