Quotes added on Tuesday, July 31 2007

And I know
We get a little crazy
And I know
We get a little loud
And I know
We're never gonna fake it
We are wild, we are free
We know more than you think
So call us strange
Cause that's just the way we roll
and i'll be here by the ocean
just waiting for proof that there's sunsets and silhouette dreams
while all my sandcastles fall like the ashes of cigarettes
and every wave drags me out to sea...
they were two kids, ready to tackle
anything that had gotten in their way
they had been together for quit sometime,
and noone liked it, but they learned to live
with it. a year is a long time, but a lifetime
is even longer. they were in love, inseprable.
and noone could stop them<3
it was in the stairwell that it first happened.
we had snuck away from the group just to get in
one kiss. we had been there for awile. and noone
seemed to notice, we hadn't either. we were in
there alone. and it had felt like we were the only
two people in the entire world. there are only a
few people in this world who can make you feel like
you are truely flying without wings. a few moments
were you can acctually feel yourself lifting off of
the ground speachless. and that was one of those
moments. i knew i had found the one. <3 i had found
the one i was looking for.
sometimes you feel as if you had lost everyone,
and they only reason why they weren't there is
bc you had your eyes closed. <3
life would be so dull
[ nobody else is even worth thinking about ]
i feel so little, in this big world. but sometimes the only way to get strong is by putting your fears aside and praying to be strong.
and she will laugh just a
little louer just so he
will notice her <3
i wish u
had the key
to my heart <3
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