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Can I be your lullaby, because I'd love to put you to sleep. ;)
Have you ever felt your heart was breaking
Looking down the road you should be taking
I should know. Cause I loved and lost, the day
|[I let you goa©]|

cute edits im me
we play a game
he likes me
i dont like him
he goes out with her
i suddenly need him
he dumps her
she hates me
he likes me
i hate him!
_FoReVeR YoUrS_
!and it keeps on going!
if my cell phone weren't in
my life how would i have ever broken
up with half the boys i went out
I wish we could
just make
people love us
the way we love
GoD GaVe Us BeEr!
To TeLl Us He WaNtS
Us To Be HaPpy! :-)
Preacher: So as the Bible tells us, Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
ME: I thought a whale's mouth waasn't big enough to swallow a person.
Preacher: Well, maybe it wasn't a whale, but the Bible says it is.
ME: Im going to ask Jonah when i get to heaven.
Preacher: Maybe Jonah went to hell.
ME: Then will you ask him for me?
People say love is like magic.
well isn't magic just an illusion?
And illusions are just tricks!
It's BEAUTY that [[CAPTURES]] your attention! but PERSONALITY that [[CAPTURES]] your **HeArT**
Although its quite a statement well it happens to be true the best friend I ever had im glad to say its you
you're there if i should need you and you never turn away I know that I can depend on you at any time of day
some people have so many friends with whom they spend their time butno one has a best friend as wonderful as mine
so thanks for always being there your friendships strong and true and I just want to let you know im always there for you!
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