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&& She just looks out her
window e v e r y n i g h t ..
&& wishes he will come to her
like in those fairytales. But
then she remebers that it's
r e a l i t y </3

IM for gorgeouss editss =)
* ii wanna be the girl he's scared to lose.
the one where he [ c a n t ] walkaway, from knowing she's mad *at* him. the one he cant fall asleep without he voice being the last one he hears : THE ONE HE CANT

//.L i V E W i T H O U T. \\
&&i now realize that i never really liked you in the first place, you more of a rebound guy to me, so im sorry
For the friends that depend, but never forgive or forget, to stand up for the lonely, or the upset, or all you sa is too cool for you. Shall you understand, you go hot to parents, while we go to divorce papers and rapers that never forgets to pull out a gun and show the fun. But no fun for the being pushed by the gun, to have to be stripped and forced by a bit htat blood sokes in the sole, that will never forgive or forget, that this person was pushed by the gun that showed no fun. And that person never spoke a word of wisdom agian to the ones that never stood to save the life of the one that was pushed by the gun, that showed no fun. To never see her agian, no wyou wished you had been there for htem, for when the gun touched te soul it was all over for the one that had bigger wishes but would never see the light in her heart again>>>>
I can't unthink about you
I can't unfeel your touch
I can't unhear all the words
Unsay all the things
That used to mean so much
I wish I could unremember
Everything my heart's been through
And finding out it's impossible to do
Oh, it's no use
I can't unlove you
-Kenny Rogers
I'm getting into you,
because you got to me
in a way words cant describe.
I'm getting into you,
becuase ive got to be
your essential to survive
im going to love you with my life.
^relient k
cause nothings worth losing
especially the chance to make it right.

and i know that were gonna to fine.
and the tattooed mistakes are gonna
fade over time, as long as we live
time passes by and we wont get it back
we when die.
So maybe I don't smile as much as her and maybe I don't have as many friends as she does; But I'll bet you she hasn't gone through what I have. I'll bet she has never sat down on the stairs and just cried. Cried her heart out because the world was caving in and she just couldn't take it anymore.
(             )
(             )
(             )
    / \

Life isn't about waiting
for the storm to pass,
it's about learning 
to dance in the rain.<3
"Worry looks around, sorry looks back, Faith looks up."
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