Quotes added on Wednesday, August 8 2007

ii wanna be your babyy,
the only girl you think about,
the one who you can look at
dead on ,face to face and
say i love youu
and me knowing...you mean itt
♥ && im juss not ready for your kinda
love <3
Welcome to my world && its called
[ r e a l i t y ]
Woah ♥
your kinda cute
so hard to save ..
yet so easy to spend!
&& She just looks out her
window e v e r y n i g h t ..
&& wishes he will come to her
like in those fairytales. But
then she remebers that it's
r e a l i t y </3

IM for gorgeouss editss =)
&& i just l o v e you
but you think i just
l i k e you .. Cant
you just o p e n
your e y e s &&
realize you mean
so much to me ?

cute editss!!! IM
Is all about puttingg 100%
into e v e r y t h i n g we do.
We jump high, && do our splits perfect.
We smile 24/7 through wind&&rain.
We always have it in our heart <33

Best thingg Everr =)
It's just that
sometimes i wonder
.. are you worth
the wait? Or should
i just forget about
you && just live ?

ily. EndOfStory <3
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