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It's the kind of love that he's the first person you look for online, the one person who knows how to make you smile and knows how to open your eyes to so much when they are clouded with tears, and The only ONE person who can say the right thing and turn your whole world around.

It's the kind of love, that You're head over heels for him. You're lost without him, The times You Don't talk you feel like it's been a year. and the way that he says "We will be together, forever" that just sets you off the wall.
yeahh so you may be
acrosse the country
but that doesnt mean
you can pick up the
phone and call me
or get on aim and
IM me but instead
i call you
i IM you
Yea its Over with But Atleast ii got to no wut a big jerk you really are on the inside and how u just wanted to break my heart and could care less about meh ♥

*adorable edits!!
broken && dedicatedd<3
Live life your way,
Not to impress others.
Because when life really matters,
The people who judged you
Won't be there to care.
Careful theres beauty in the
[ b r e a k d o w n l a n e ]

cute editss ask!!
&& its funny how he doesn't even
know all this love stuff is for h i m <3

omgg you HAVE to ask for editss for this one they are amazingg =)
&& Sometimes she just feels like its
her up against the w o r l d </3
---> Havent you heard ?
im suddenly [ f a l l i n g ]
for you [ a g a i n ] <3
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