Quotes added on Tuesday, August 14 2007

&& the worst part was
when you looked at me &&
didn't even say goodbye </3
&& I'm wishing on a star

that everything will be just fine...

But deep down inside I know

Wishes on stars don't come true

It's wishes you make so desperately from your heart.

These are the wishes that you want most to come true.

And I guess I just always thought we'd have that second chance. I've always known what I gave up boy but seeing you with her brings back things I haven't felt in a long time. It's not that I like you again I guess I just don't want to see you with anyone else. Or maybe I do still care... All I know is your one guy I will never forget and one guy I will always hope for another chance with...
Only in America do people supersize their mcdonalds big mac and then order a diet coke because they're trying to "watch their weight"
And it feels like someone just rained on my parade...</3
There are plenty of cuties out there
But why is my heart stuck to
Im for [[edits*]]
A word that shows affection towards someone or something.

I thought If I defined it, you would learn the meaning of it<3
Go out and live your life
Break all the rules
Go and break a bone
Break someones heart

But remember, this is all part of the experiance
of life <333

( edits )***
Girls can beat boys anytime in...
Cross Country
and definatly.......
[[yea, its that important]]
Listen to your heart<3
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