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They Don't Call It Puppy Love For No Reason <3
</3 who let who let this feeling DiE
when all i did was TRY
who let
u let this feeling DiE
i can't get u out of my head, my head

ur the flame that burns me
so i know that
i'm still ALiVE

~~BAYSiDE~~ "duality" </3
so sorry, but i'll be away as long as ur still signed on.
so sorry, but i'll be away as long as ur still signed on.
..don't think of clouds as threatening RAiN, think of them as
floating(<iDEAS>)that might
-- if ur luckY -- {POP}
^^^ above ur head ^^^
&& send the **iNSPiRATiON ** flowing again..
babii i'm out in the RAiN and need an
could u [shelter] me just this once??
whenever i feel ViCTiMiZED by a
^^MEAN^^ <EViL>
i just remember how miserable their LiFE must b
to make them teach TEENAGERS
and i smile inside.
i'm busy
chasing >>>birds<<< && BB)butterflies(BB
and living LiFE to its *^*fullest*^*

this could take awhile
luv is like the maccaroni && cheese of life.
it's gooey && it sticks u together ))
&& once u get past
all the unappealing-looking junk
it's the best-tasting thing u've got going
<3 <3 <3
What is life?
Life is like a big obstacle
put in front of your optical
to -slow you down-.
& just when you think you've gotten past it,
it comes back to tackle you
to the damn -ground-.
"If I Had"
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