Quotes added on Friday, August 17 2007

its better to leave it a mystery than regreting the outcome of taking the risk
how do you tell a person what you feel bout him..
wen ur not sure bout he feels towards you?
its funny how you expect me to give you my whole attention wen ur talking and you dont even listen to a word i say wen i wanna say something
it's all been done, its all been said
but one fact still remains.. that
i can't get you out of my head.
when you left me alone ,, u took something with you ;; not my heart cause thatsz exactly were it wantsz to be .. u took my best friend away && yea thatsz you ;; seems life is soo hard when your not here .. im not asking for your love just wanna be ur friend .. cause itsz not what i want [[ isz what i NEED ]]
i wanna love thatsz ;; unexpected.amazing.thrilling.heart stopping. That no matter what happensz they end up together. no one comes close to when there together && every look you fall deeper inlove <./3
i want to be the [girl] he gives's his hoodie to
that girl he will tell anything to
the girl he slips his arms around
and says [[YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL]].
--->am i ever gonna be that girl? only time will tell<---
lost in this moment with you.
--Big and Rich
1000 miles seems
pretty far, but they've got planes
and trains and cars I'd walk to
{you} if I had no OTHER WAY
all-star cheerleadinging. that's all there is to it. it's a sport-and if u dont believe it, well, then tell us what is a sport. we bleed, we sweat, our abs are rocks, our bodies are fit. we condition until we fall out, we run for strait 20 minutes with no breaks. we hate the countless jumping jacks and crunches, but couldn't live with out them. extending your arms and legs to their highest point is hard as crap, but we live for it. we live for the 3 hour practices of countless times doing the routine. some of us drive up to 2 hours for this. we may be in short skirts and crop tops when we compete-but hey, thats the way our world works. we learn to deal with the cramps, the sweats, scrapes, bruises, the unbarable temperatures to get to the arena from the hotel at nationals, the rivalry between gyms, the 2 minutes 30 seconds when only one thing counts. there is no such thing as being a millisecond off. u all have to be in sync with that beat of the music that is so crazy. it's how our world works. and if you dont believe it, come to one of our competitons. you'll believe it then!
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