Quotes added on Saturday, August 18 2007

it gets so old going to school, seeing the kid i once thot i luved and fighting with him and then listening to my friends gossip like crazy and me joining in and be just a complete fool!!one second be so popular and the next be made fun of like CRAZY!!i guess all just never be good enough, never be strong enough, to be with them but i cant leave its so hard so difficult and idk what to do!!but one thing i do know that they dont is that i have a purpose on this life, we all do, and there just wasting it all on trying to be the coolest, look the best, act the best, and someday there going to realize, that no one likes them no one thinks there cute, and EVERYONE hates them and thinks there so annoying!!but how do i tell them that, weve been friends since kindergarten, i just cant throw that away, can i??im just so confused anymore
what do i do now?
how could i tell him?
is he going to hate me?
cheating sux!
!NeVeR AgAiN!
and i didn't even mean for
it to happen this way..........
there are all those quotes about when he wants me ill be wit someone else he already knew how great i was... well if your truely in love and if he means so much to you. you dont want anyone else but him. you will do anything to get him back
dont worry... if it was ment to be. it will find a way
i have been sitting here thinking about you
how much you hurt me
but somehow i forget about what u did to me
i think of all the amaazing times we have had
i couldnt hate you if i tried
you broke my heart and ive been crying myself to sleep everynight
it shows no matter what you do ill love you forever
Cross Country ♥
My sport is your
sports punishment.

[make cross country your school colors!]
&& boy;;
you make my heart
race faster than
the fastest person
in the whole world♥
& most timez ii wish ii waz az invible az he makez mii feel!</3
While somewhere in the world a couple is making love

in another part a couple is fighting.

While somewhere in the world a couple is getting married,

another is breaking up
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