Quotes added on Sunday, August 19 2007

I don't need a rose, I want a daisy you picked for my hair. I don't want a box of fancy chocolates, I want a burnt cookie you made just for me. I don't want to go to some upscale restaurant, Let's just have a picnic in the park. We don't have to go to prom, We can just dance on my front porch until we fall asleep in each other's arms.
She talks about you
like you put the stars in the sky <3
As we were sitting there, i turned and asked him "how do you know you're in love?". He just looked at me and answered "you know it's love when the tiny details about someone you know, the ones that seem insignificant to most people seem incredible and magnificent to you. Kind of like the way the corners of your eyes crinkle up when you're thinking.. and that littlest thing is enough to take my breath away. That's love."
We laughed when they told us
we wouldn't want to leave, we cried
when they told us we had to.
make love, not sense.
a stranger stabs you in the front.
a friend stabs you in the back.
a boyfriend stabs you in the heart.
a best friend pokes you with a straw.
Hello beautiful, how's it goin'?
I hear its wonderful in California.
I've been missin' you,
its true.

but tonight, I'm gonna fly.
When she's silent that's when you know
something's wrong cause she's always the
one to get in trouble for talking to her friends
& telling secrets about the girl sitting across from her & screaming i love you in the halls. so when she's not talking, theres a problem.
Every single person has at least one secret
that would break your heart.
If we could just remember this,
I think there would be a lot more
compassion and tolerance
in the world
i want a guy who saves my texts
just to look at them when he misses me <3
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