Quotes added on Sunday, August 19 2007

When he's around, my whole body knows it..
I'll keep talking & stuff,
but my mind will have no idea what I'm saying.
I keep wondering if there's a term for this...
I could go across the world and see everything and never be satisfied, if i never saw those eyes.
he could be a super-model on every magazine cover with a six pack and arms the size of rockies, but he'll never mean a thing to me. because hes not you ____ |[ paris hiilton ]|
All right, sit down and spill your heart.
Lets start from the very start,
'Cause I can see by your eyes; you're wasted.
I need to start to be myself, because I'm getting sick of everybody else.
Scratched and bruised,
a little used, but baby I work fine.
You might call me damaged goods,
but i'm one of a kind.
I'm stretching but you're just out of reach.
I'm ready when you're ready for me.
Get up, grab your smile cuz today’s gonna go our way.
This luck, I know it’s gonna change.
So lets get lost,
Waiting for the world to spin us around.
I see you, do you see me too?
Close your eyes and meet me in the sunshine,
come on through, I'll find you.
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