Quotes added on Thursday, August 23 2007

the truth about us girls
-- Flirting is our talent
-- We sing in the shower
-- We're not ashamed to cry
-- We'll never be too old for sleepovers
-- We MUST go to the bathroom in groups
-- Gossip isn't a sin, it's an art
Two old lovers
can never remain friends
unless they were never in love
or they still are
Truth: Tell me how you really feel.
Dare: P.r.o.v.e it
you didnt break me. oh no,
sweetie you completlee destroyed me
more than anything?knowing that i want 2 be with you && you feel the same but k n o w i n g it will [[never work out]]
Wasting time on someone who doesnt
care could be the reason your not with
let the world around us just f a l l a p a r t.
maybe we can make it if we're heart to heart.
& we can build this thing together, stand in
stone forever, nothing's gonna stop us now.
& if this world runs out of lovers ... we'llstill have eachother
we're a one package deal-
you can`t get o n e without the other(s)
Were so cute
&& there'll always be those ackward
times when we look at eachother
&& remember how things use to be
so many words run through my head,
words thrown at you that should have
been left unsaid.
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