Quotes added on Sunday, August 26 2007

when u cried I wiped away your tears wen i cried u just laughed at me
y is it so hard to break up but so easy to fall in love??
i thought u were HERE but you were realli over

how do i breathe?
without you here by my side? x||3

hehe O'marion ! editss<3
make sure u mean it when u say "i love you" many hearts have been broken and tears have benn cried cuz those three big words were just realli big three worded lies
just because love is a sad thing doesent mean it cant be happy!!!!!
[ no i don't like you ]
i just stare at you all day long for no reason
you moved on im stayed strong it didnt take to long to relize you were wrong
u said it once you said it twice u said it three times... im out
make sure you dont lie before u make me cry
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