Quotes added on Tuesday, August 28 2007

hOTtIe WiTh A sWiMsUiT bODy !!
true love doesnt have a happy ending...
it has no ending!!
yup... that's right i went there
nd this tym, i brought propperty_
___hannah montana
you are a true friend
youre here till the end
its good to know that i was just a toy you were messing with.. you probually got bored and went for the new ones </3
I thought you were gonna be different... thought you wern't like the ones i dated... i guess i was proven wrong...
You didn't love me.. you just wanted me for display...
You dunt have to act like you like her... just dunt treat her like [ n o t h i n g ] cuz you dunt no wat she does everytime she turns and walk away...
I love you is 8 letters with so many meaning... once again... so is [ b u l l s h i t]
I try to forget the time you walked by.
forget the time you made me cry.
forget the time you were mine...
theese i try to earase...
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