Quotes added on Wednesday, August 29 2007

gimme a chancee boy - ->>
and you wont be dissapointed x3
LOvE me for me
everytime she laughs `* she hopes hes watching
not so she can let him see shes happy ;; but so maybe » just maybe he will fall for her smile just [ as hard as she fell for his <3 ]

Cute edits<3
She tore all those pages out
She ripped all those roses out of the vase
She ripped all the pictures out of her books
But she can't rip those memories out of her head
Or you out of her heart </3
But i Get My Hopes up and i Watch them
Fall Everytime. Another Color
Turns to Grey. And it's Just So Hard to Watch
it All Slowly Fade Away. </3

cute edits<3
welcome to drama 101:
where the girls are ruthless,
the guys are clueless,
and the fighting never ends.

Cute edits<3

Nobody else is even worth thinking about..
& i dont wanna leave it all [[ b e h i n d ]],
but i just get my hopes up & watch them fall,
every single time

cuuteeeeee edits im meh.
He's Perfect ©
he's not the captain of the football team , he's
not the skinniest guy around ; he's not the hottest
guy ever && he's a lil wierd at times; but ----»
hes exactly what i want

adorable edits<3
ihavethekindaboy. . .
who I can run to with tears running
down my face, make-up smeared
&& the first thing he says is...
"Who's a** am I kicking?"

edits are adorable
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