Quotes added on Friday, August 31 2007

i thought i had moved on, but i still find myself writing these
i can still feel your hugs
i can still feel that laughter
i can still feel that first kiss
&&i can still feel the pain
that you caused me
iVe BeEn HuRt A
1 0 0 0 tImEs
IvE bEeN tOlD a
[m.i.l.l.i.o.n] LieS
but i still believe in
u must be an angel coming from the sky,,
that is what i feel when i look into your eyes,,
boy u're mine,,u're mine,,u're mine xXx
were gona rock dis city
have no pity,,party wit da boi
dat is so damn prettii
live for now.
not for when, and definitely not for then.
live for now.
i've tried to go from
awkward turtle to beautiful butterfly
my whole life for you.
but i'm never good enough.
money can't buy you
f r i e n d s l i k e m i n e.
[friends names here]
If u cant tell meand my friends are tight and nothing can split us apart.

Above that put like ur friends names, that u love them and then like stuff about them
Baby let me know if you want me.
I really wanna know if you want me,
And baby if you dont tell me somethin,
Then i gotta move on,
Cause every body need a lil' lovin
and your the only one that i wanna be with.
Im sorry if you dont tell me somethin,
Then i gotta move on.
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