Quotes added on Saturday, September 1 2007

the ~sweetest~ question---???
is the ?question? that is asked
when its not expected;'
you know you'll never be completly
over him when you here your song
and your eyes fill with tears
your friends are there to help you
through the hard times
when your heart aches
&&tears threaten to fall
i love the
skin tingling
knees shaking
heart lurching
feeling of when you put your arms around me
sing your heart out,
have a blast,
because at that verry moment
someone may realize that you
are the one that their heart goes crazy for
girl:"i think he's gonna ask me out!"
girl:"my ears have turned bright pink! thats never happened before!"
friend:"wow you must really like him"
girl:"i do"
when you find the guy
that puts your description
of the most heart melting kiss..
on your lips...
take his hand and dont let him go
i thought u wer always right HERE but you wer realii over

THERE (her)
baby let me know if you want me
i really wanna know if u want me
baby if you dont,tell me something
i gotta move on....
coz everyboby need a lil loving
and you the only one that i wanna be with
Expect nothing and you'll never be dissapointed
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