Quotes added on Tuesday, September 4 2007

what should i do? im missing you and i feel so down now that you're gone i cant go on this must be the end...
And even if the day turns into night
I will love you by candlelight
And even if the water starts to run over
I'll be there to put you on my shoulder
And if it's hard for you to get to sleep
I will sing you a melody,
I wanna feel this way
Till the end of time, cause I pray one day
That you will be mine

I wanna be the smile
you put on your face
I wanna be your hands
when you say your grace
I wanna be whatever
is your favorite place, oh
I just wanna be close
I wanna be the hat you put on your head
I wanna be the sheets
you put on your bed
I wanna be the skirt
wrapped around your legs
Oh, I just wanna be close

See my life's filled with up and downs
I'm ok when you're around
And when I'm in a storm
and my nights are cold
Reach out your hands for me to hold
See you're my queen on a throne
and you're the reason
For a song and I can't wait
to fill you up with love
Fill you with love
only fall in love, if you are okay with getting hurt.
[{and in those moments,there is so much to say.}]
[{her parents dont understand her..
her boyfriends never there...
her friends dont rele care...
shes lost all hope in herself..
she has no where to go..
she keeps it all inside..
and she leaves it there to rest..
its never been easy for her..
but shell try her best...
so heres to the great place shes gotten to..
she promises..she wont forget you.
all mine.. = ]
[{ and it takes alot
to pick yourself up after being chewed up and spit out
and keep going as if nothing ever happened}]
...& if its what you want,
than dont let anyone stand in your way...
he tests my mind, he strengthens my skill.

he pushes me to the limit..even if i want it to end.

what he does, makes me stronger than ever before.

our antagonist, is our friend.
There is no I in team, but there is a ME.
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