Quotes added on Wednesday, September 5 2007

wondering what itd be like
to actually be happy for once in my life
Let's get freaky baby :]
something you say to a person with a wedgie-your butt must be hungry its eating your pants.

again, dads fault. my bfff thought it was funny last year
Isn't it just silly when people list there friends and say "tell me if I forgot you", because if they were really your friend, how could they possibly forget you?

&& theres only so much we can take..
is it in you?

[not mine]
Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine

Collide by Howie Day
u kno wats not fair the ppl u wnt in ur class r nvr in ur class but the ppl u rlly dnt lyk r alwayyys in ur class
when scientists discover the center
of the universe, don't be surprised
when it isn't you.
I lOvE u,
Not because of who you are
but because of who i am
when i'm with you
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