Quotes added on Friday, September 7 2007

When I look around, I see your face
Staring at me & my heart starts to pace
I turn my head, and your still looking at me
and im still wondering, what you find so funny you laugh when I look at you, and I just ignore it
But why would I be so ashamed to explore it[you]
When I finally find out, you will have moved on
and Ill be left here, with a heart that can't,
O N<3
We're all artists
In our own way
But some of us drw in pen
So we can't earase our mistakes
So never regret what you did wrong
Was a bad choice, we have to move on
Call me crazy
But you amaze me!!
You walk past me like nothing ever happened
but baby if you could only hear my heart beat!!
So lifes full of surprises.
I had one thing that meant the most to me.
&& I had to let it.
Sorry babe, but you were to much.
I've moved on, living my life.
I'll be friends but I can't be much more.
I love you babe with all of my heart.
But immaturity.. It's not a word anymore.

It's done, I'm sorry.
You were something but
your just nothing now.
We are the perfect dream come true.
-Dream Street
Big girls dont cry if that was true then my pillow shouldnt be soaked and i shouldnt be crying everynight. For what he has put me through. -totally mine<3
i cant leave em alonee...
i tried that qood boy game
but the dope boyz turininq me on
We're not the best. nowayy.
We dont winn that much.
We have fun is that so wrong?
it wouldnt be the same with out these girls there my team. My second family. i could never do it with out them. they make it all worth while. the are the support system when i need them and there alwasy there. i have made friends that can never be replaced with these girls. its unexplaiable
Winter is white and very very bright
and i might get a tatoo tonight
and i got into a fight with a kite for
getting a tatoo on the same night
and i missed my christmas flight!!!!!!!
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