Quotes added on Sunday, September 9 2007

aka dreaming of you<3
and i stay up a l l night-->
just because i'm thinking
[of you]
it seems like you don't know...
but i see it in your eyes <3
if life gives u lemons...tell it your mummy told you not to accept presents frm stangers..
loool..i crack myself up x
So i have this bf he goes to URI and plays baseball we are hours away like states and away and we are still together. We try so hard and i know we will make it.All it takes is love and then you will make it if you just try. And my bf plays baseball he travels everywhere.Work things out and you will work.

For the girls who have bf's in school.
It will work if you try trust me!
paralyzed by those same old antics ;
back and forth like some walking spastic
how can a fistfight be romantic ?
now we'll neva kno...
yea their lives was stole
your picture gives me a smile
you in person gives me the world
hush little baby dont u cry-....
hush lil baby lemme whisper in ya ear,
a lil somin i thought u wanna hear
*whisper song*
They say that good things take time;;
But really great things happen in a
blink of an eye;; I love you [someones name]

[ One in a million. By Hannah Montana ]
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