Quotes added on Tuesday, September 11 2007

we the type of girls who on tiled floors
make sure NOT to step on the [ l i n e s ]
and your just jealous;
because all your friends screamed
at me until they coudln't
scream anymore.
and I just laughed.
i may not
->look like much<-
But I'm a [pro]
at pretending to be
x--a ninja--x
Its seems your fishy
has died of thirst.
take 3 ♥band-aids♥
can call me in a week
"but as i mentioned before, he hasn't filled my tank in 3 months."

-the new adventures of old christine
"all i'm gonna say is, a snake had better of crawled into this sleeping bag....."

-the new adventures of old christine
Danielle: "wut!!? you like someone else??"
Me:" wut? no!"
Emily: "so wait, who DO you like.... pat right?"
Me:"Yes!!! everyday, everyway!"
Me:"Yea, that was kinda gay..."
*Emily, Danielle, and Shelby crack up*
Me:"everyday, everyway.....wow that was gay!!"
lmfao we're great =)
I want someone who won't caree
if i wear jordans instead of heals,
I want someone who won't caree
if i'm incapable of sitting still,
someone who relizes most my decisions
i make i regret, but most of all
i want someone who will have the //fear//
of losing me and take me as i am...
S=Sport that rules the world
O=Oooops i passed you way back there
C=center your mind on the winning goal
C=center forward get the ball
E=Eat grass and paly hard
R=Rub some dirt on it you will be fine
Lighten up darling show your beautiful smile he isn't worht your tears.He is not even worth your while!
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