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hold on tight
its a roller coaster ride we're on
so say goodbye
cause we wont be back again
up and down
go all around
say goodnight
and goodbye

lala la la la lalalala..
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When life hands you lemons throw them back and yell I WANT THE JONASBROTHERS!!!! then when you get the Jonas Brothers run for your life and dont look back
I've been making lots of plan                
Like a picket fence and a rose garden
I'll just keep on dreaming
But it's cool cause we're just friends

*~*Jonas Brothers*~*
*~* Just Friends*~*
oh this is an sos don't wanna second guess this is the bottom line its true i gave my all for you now my hearts in two and now i cant find the other half its like i'm walking on broken glass better believe i bled its the call ill never get
&& whenever im in your arms
im in___h e a v e n [ <3 ]
but thats what it does mean when youre different. nobody trusts you, youre always the first to be blamed, and it is always, ALWAYS your FAULT!!!!!
It's been a long time, and we still speak
Just the thought of being with you makes me weak
Memories of us flood my mind from day to day,
As I daydream about you entering my life with a plan to stay
I long for your soft kisses and the laughter you bring,
I wonder if you ever miss me, the way I miss your everything
Do the Amazing nights we share together leave you with a feeling of completeness?
I want to know how you feel, 'cause you're my only weakness
Your irresistibility stays locked up inside my heart,
I want you to be with me even when we are apart
I wish you would hold me close and whisper in my ear,
Tell me all of the sweet things that I've been waiting so long to hear
And as each day comes to an end and I still can't claim you as mine i still will wait untill the end of time
Its funny when your looking outside the window and u only thought u were gonna be left with all the use to bee's. when really i don't care. theres days i thought u were a fairytale. i wished upon millions of stars and they still haven't come true. now i can tell that all the Disney movies have lied to me. dreams DON'T come true.
[[ at least for some of us ]].
I walked into the room and found a pot of flowers.
She said to herself i wonder who that could be from.
I see a small card right on one of the thorns of the roses. it said - i love you with all my heart. I wish she could share our love together and have many wonderful memories. The girl went around the whole town asking people if they had sent her a note by any chance. she didn't find anyone. She new that one day she would find this man. This girl found the man and they have been completely in love with each other for many of years. it comes to show that love can be true some days. [[ Live your life. ]]
:] <3
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