Quotes added on Monday, September 17 2007

When love is in the relationship the breakup is so much stronger.
To my best friend and to my big sister
Love you always,

You broke my heart
When you didnít say goodbye
I almost cried

But now youíre a stronger women
I'll see you someday, if only I can . . .

I donít want to
Forget the past
I donít want to move on
To let it pass

Our times together brought joy and happiness
But our time apart brought even more sadness

I wanted to hang out more
I donít want to say good bye
With this emptiness
Our love and friendship could never die,
So now as you watch over us,
I wonder if Iíll see you again sometime.

I love and miss you, there wonít be a day that goes by that I wont think about you and remember those days at my moms house. Everything that you said to me I will remember and cherish them everyday. I will miss how you said that you want to kidnap me and take me home with you. Ashley you were like a sister to me and I will always remember you.
finding out things i dont wanna know. uncovering things better left buried. things you were scared to find or prayed didnt happen. feeling stupid because we didnt figure things our sooner. all the what ifs, ands, whys running thru your head. blaming yourself for things you had no control over and you know arent your fault. but blaming yourself for them anyway. wanting to change the past to have a different present and then wanting to change the present to get the future you want. to sit in deep thought for hours wondering what you coulda done to change everything.... but feeling oh so helpless...
For get the rules, the only thing i follow is my heart.
I dont want your man.
cause i got it like that.
but it aint even gotta be like that.
your man be callin me cause im fine
as a matter of fact.

life is an journey. not a destination
I want him to be normal and have fun.
be himself. laugh at some of my jokes that are ACTAULLY funny.

Not the type of guy that fakes it all.
[[ the smile will count too ]]

I want to be your last first kiss
that you'll ever have.
I want to be your last first love
that you'll ever have.
Lying here beside me, palms and eyes open wide,
I want to your last first kiss
for all time
don`t ever let someone tell you you can't
do something. you got a dream? you got
to protect it. if you want something you
got to go get it. ----------------> period.
---pursuit of Happiness
obstacles are put in
in youre way to see
if what you want
is really worth fighting for
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