Quotes added on Tuesday, September 18 2007

We both know that i have mess'd up any tymes,
and as hard as i try to forget about how much i've hurt you ijust can't.
And when ur away from me my feelings get stronger and it hurts more.
I knoe that its all in the past and i also knoe that u have forgave'n me, but i just wish i could go back in time a fix everything i did to hurt u baby, but i have to accept the fact that i can't happen.
All i can do now is try my best to prove to you that i love you and that it will never happen again.
B@BY don't go away from me!
I don't know

I dont know if i love you
I dont know if i hate you
I dont know if i know you
I dont know if your worth it
I dont know that you changed like you say

And i really don't know weather to belive that you like me not her.
And now all i got..
Is you on my mind
a fake smile
and a broken heart<\3

If I could say what I want to say
I'd say I want to blow you--away
Be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight?
If I could see what I want to see
I want to see you go down--on one knee
Marry me today
Guess I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say
once in a life time means theres no second chance ....so i believe that u and me should grab it while we can.............make it last forever and never give it bac....... its our turn and im lovin where were at............because this moments really all we haveee............everyday our lives........ wanna find u there wanna hold on tight.........gonna run while were young and keep our faith...everyday.....from right now.... gonna use our voices to scream out loud take my hand ............together we will celebrate.....celebrate.oooohhhh....EVERYDAYYYYY!!!
&+ From the Depths
I Cry To You
O, Lord.
Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.
The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.
And sometimes you just need someone to look forward to seeing you everyday...♥
And you're just the kind of boyy she'd love to fall in love with.
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