Quotes added on Wednesday, September 19 2007

this is the clock up on the wall
this is the story of us all
this is the first sound of a new born child before he starts to crawl

this is the war that's never won
this is the soldier and his gun
this is the mother waiting by the phone praying for her son

pictures of you
pictures of me
hung up on your wall for the world to see

pictures of you
pictures of me
remind us all of what we used to be

Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight
every secret moment
every stolen promise you've believed

confess to me
all that lies between us
all that lies between you and me
This tells if a guy friend is only a guy friend or a best friend (from my experiences)

guy friend: gives you huggs when he sees you.
best friend: would die before giving you a hug.

guy friend: will try to find someone for you to go out with.
best friend: will tell the guy how ugly and annoying you are outside of school

guy friend: will say hi to you when they see you
best friend: will flick you off the head and try to trip you before ever saying hi.

guy friend: will help you with a problem.
best friend: would tell you to suck it up and stop complaining to him.

guy friend: will listen to your problems and give u advice
best friend: after your done take out his earphones and say "i thought you would never stop"

guy friend: might ask you to the dance as friends
best friend: will go up to you at the dance and say "you look so ugly" and walk away

guy friend: you may think they are your best friend but..
best friend: this friend is really the one!<3

bold all the guy friend best friend things.

made this all by myself =]<3
I love you
I hate you
I can't stop loving you<3
&&it seems like i never fall for the right guy, even when hes right infront of me
you're everything a guy should be, so why can't i fall for you?
ok..... i was in spanish and i got up to get a glue stick and this hott boy came up to and the glue stick he chouse was stuck on the plat form so he couldnt get it off.......so im standing there listening to him yelling "what the"..."y cant i get this off".... it was halirious..... he eventually got if off....lol.....if your not laughing thn i guess this is one of thouse hadd to be there moments =]
I can still feel the tingle when he hugs me;;
or the way he looks at me when he walks by
that same look he gave me when we were one
& the smile on his face alway leaves a smile on mine. <3
i do what i want and who i want....it's called being single and im loving it :]
summer o7
*all nighters
*pool parties
*shooting stars
*bon fires
*and falling in love
what more could a girl ask for in a summer :]
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